Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jeanette Lynton!

This is Jeanette Lynton and I at this past Springs CTMH Regional Celebration in Calgary AB. It was an inspiration listening to her speak about her company and an honor to meet her.

Janelle, Nancy, and I

This is Janelle, Nancy Klein, and I at the Reginal Celebration this past Spring.

Close to My Heart

I have been a Close To My Heart consultant since this past winter. It has been a very great experience for me and a big part of my inspiration to start a blog...even if it took 4 months to really start it!
This post is dedicated to Janelle, my very inspirational, creative, trusted friend and partner for "our" CTMH business. We began our venture with big dreams of sharing our same passion for creating anything pretty out of paper with as many people as possible. We got to work right away and by January we had our very first Card Club. Shortly after we had began I got the news that we would be relocating to another area of AB. for my hubby's career. Janelle stepped up and has been creating, coaching, hosting, and more basically on her own for the last few months while I have been settling my family into our new abode, 3 hours away. I miss you very much Janelle, and today only validified it even more after you and the fam. left from our visit-What will I do without you two doors down?


Believe! Believe!! Believe!! That's it...Just Believe!!!

-I will always show love to my family
-I will always be a devoted Wife
-I will always be a devoted Mom
-I will run an organized household
-I will have a successful business
-I will make people smile everyday
-I will be satisfied with my life as long as I am true to myself
-I will, I will, I will.

Love you,

This is something that I sent to myself via email and update to "unread" before logging out of my account each day. So, each time I log back in it's a new email waiting to be read and inspire! I plan on spending more time here and so thought it would be a nice addition. I hope it might inspire someone to do the same for themselves:)