Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lamp Shade

This is a project I did on the week-end while we were in between coats of pink paint in my daughters room. It was a hit with my daughter so I'm feeling pretty good about it. It's so easy to transform a borning white shade into a custom piece for any room. I think ribbon is especially great for kids rooms. All I used was my glue gun and the same white paint we used on the wall trim (For the base, it had winnie the pooh on it from her nursery decor). I used up a ton of old ribbon too, that seems to just sit for so long. Now I have an excuse to get some new stuff!! The second picture is showing a cute topiary that previously had a terra cotta pot, now that it's been painted white it matches the decor much better :)

New Baby "Thank you's"

Hi there's been awhile since I last posted anything. I've been patiently waiting for my camera to come back from Future Shop where it's being repaired, but I was encouraged to just post these from my phone camera anyways. So...I made these "Rough Drafts" for my BF. We don't know if baby is a little girl or boy so I needed to come up with something that could go either way. I love these colours(SU-Baja Breeze & Kiwi Kiss) and thought they would be perfect. A touch of pink ribbon is what I'm thinking I'll add if a girl is born. I still need to get a Thank-you stamp that I far I think that "A NOTE OF THANKS" from the SU set Thank You Kindly will look the best. Which one do you like best?

Monday, July 13, 2009

"J" for Jubran

I used the "Key to My Heart" stamp set for my simple "J". I needed something fast to add to my wall when I staged my house for sale. I love the way it turned out and think that it proves that sometimes less is more!


so funny...I have so many pictures saved of rooms that I love and I chose the two that are green and red. I must have Christmas on my mind...which is funny 'cause I just told my husband earlier today that I can't wait to decorate our house for Christmas this year. I do really love these rooms though. But probably shouldn't use such a festive colour scheme in my own space.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Craft Room Idea's...

This would be my dream craft room!! I found this picture browsing Pottery Barn(my favorite source for inspiration!) I love it! I just love it!! I wish I had the space for this... My favorite thing about this room is how bright it is and I can imagine how nice it would be to have 4, 5 or more projects layed out all at once and actually be able to see them all.

Craft Room Idea's...

We've been in our new home now for about a month and there's so much I want to do...change. I could love something that was in this home when someone else lived here but now that it's mine I have this urge to just change everything! This is one of the reasons we chose the house we did. I have a problem tearing out cupboards, walls, flooring in a new house even if they wern't my style 'cause there NEW! But this house, needs it anyhow. I've always thought it would be an amazing experience to completely renovate a house...hears my chance and I'm looking forward to it!
I finally get my very own craft room, yeah!! Now it's pretty small...but I'm still really excited:) I don't remember how I happened across this pic. It was a little while ago but I think it's pretty cute. I love the fresh green colour and I definately want to put some words of "inspiration" on my walls too.

I miss my camera...

Well, I have been dying to snap some shots of some new things that I have been working on...but I can't. My camera is at Future Shop being checked out. It's been clicking funny and just doesn't seem up to par...thinkin' it's been dropped one too many times without me knowing??? Anyhooo, I really need some feedback on some cute baby thank-you's I'm making up. I'm in a jam because we don't know if babies a girl or a boy and I just need them to be perfect. I will get them up ASAP and I'd love some feedback. In the mean time I thought I'd post a few pics. of another project I've been working on...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mother's Day Card

I thought better late then never...This is the only other card from my file I can find right now and I wanted to show it because it's all CTMH. The butterfly is from the March Stamp Of The Month "Butterfly Wings", the "M" is from the Baroque Alphabet. The colours I used are Smokey Plum and Petal. My Mom loved her little gift of bath salt cubes that I originally purchased from Chintz but repackaged to be matchy, matchy!

"You Grow Girl"

Birthday Card


Well...I have been searching and searching for all my images of things I've created since the move and finally found a few. They happen to be some of my favorites to date. One thing though....they're not made with CTMH supplies, OUCH!

The first one was made for a friends b-day. I wanted to try a tissue paper technique that I found but couldn't find my tissue paper anywhere(due to the moving situation), so I decided to use a piece of toilet paper. I stamped my images, scrunched it and then adhered it to a piece of white card stock. It gave the card a softer textured result compared to what the tissue paper what have done I thought. I also used my handy cuddlebug to give some scrolled texture in the background. The next card I made for my BFF who's expecting. I bought the stamp from Michaels along time ago because it was too cute but haven't been able to use until now. The inside of the card reads "You Grow Girl" and I gave it to my BFF at her twenty week point right after her ultrasound just because I love her!