Sunday, July 12, 2009

Craft Room Idea's...

We've been in our new home now for about a month and there's so much I want to do...change. I could love something that was in this home when someone else lived here but now that it's mine I have this urge to just change everything! This is one of the reasons we chose the house we did. I have a problem tearing out cupboards, walls, flooring in a new house even if they wern't my style 'cause there NEW! But this house, needs it anyhow. I've always thought it would be an amazing experience to completely renovate a house...hears my chance and I'm looking forward to it!
I finally get my very own craft room, yeah!! Now it's pretty small...but I'm still really excited:) I don't remember how I happened across this pic. It was a little while ago but I think it's pretty cute. I love the fresh green colour and I definately want to put some words of "inspiration" on my walls too.

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